Thursday, April 28, 2016

GunGun Online

Until now, recalling the events of Asiasoft-a game released in Vietnam claimed close Gunbound mid 2007 is still considered a sad anniversary of the gamers. Even with those who had a loss of sleep loss with Gundbound, they considered this pain will long argue can be deleted. Earn to die

Notice the current state of the community game Gunbound Free need a turnbase game product quality to maintain passion, at the same time is a slight consolation to transcend the sadness from the shooter with the legendary corner apartment. The recently VMOGA to Ho Chi Minh from the Studio has released their new product named GunGun Online. Of course, this is shooting game series coordinates on the mobile-based gameplay of Gunbound with so many innovative improvements. earn to die 5
GunGun Online bring to us the pictures incredibly familiar, what kind of pet, vehicle with all the same relative shape in Gunbound game myth. You will see the familiar character but with a more user-friendly name as miners, Steel Snail, shrimp, the Power ... However, I myself am quite surprise with the way our eyes because of the design in any aspect that looks real ... obnoxious.

Basically, has tried to keep Online GunGun originally as characteristic of the car, the orbit shot, computer system weekly (turn-base), the system of articles ... compelling gameplay, depth and discern different levels of gamers. Each car has a different, unique shooting and do not match up.
Come with every car, gamers have the distinct, unique experience and the opportunity to conquer a new challenge. So rare that people would be confident that "good shot" of all types of vehicles and the "random" in Gunbound is extreme adventure by car on "strange" If the possibility of losing you is almost certainly.
You will fight solo or together with the other teammates 2vs2 or 3vs3 form through or dogfights. Accordingly, the elements in the Sun or the wind gust, also appears to the player calculate for each shot. R-Type II 

In addition, GunGun Online has many additional features such as the control system of a mobile suit, system character has special skills, that's the God's treasure features lights, "Deputy" and many other new features will bring you more of what you expect with a mobile version of Gunbound.

In the gameplay and the image of the legendary game Gunbound, good-looking and bright interface then GunGun Online promises to bring to the community Free gamers to relive distant memories. Not only that, the game was reviews that are suitable for small children because no violent character styles and extremely lovable.

R-Type II

Mobile game R-Type II is one of the 20 best 80s game along with Contra, Mega Man 2, Pac-Man ... so there is no surprise that this game continues to demonstrate his class on mobile platforms. Is a game of "go", the only work of the players in the R-Type 2 is to shoot-shoot-shoot and shoot. You can drop into an exciting game. earn to die

When beat rivals in each table. The system of complex and diverse weapons allow players to "recharge" the gun to fire more powerful (charge shot), creating an extremely dangerous enemies that only the dead back to life many times then you can pass on. I believe you will find interesting time period and comfort when playing this game. gintama-mobile

Gintama Mobile

Recently, the company famous Japanese game Namco Bandai has suddenly speak about the brand will bring the anime / manga hit "Gintama" ported to the mobile platform. Accordingly products temporarily called Gintama Mobile will officially embark Namco Bandai and developer DeNA released immediately in 2016. This is a super fun for the fans of this super humorous stories, as well as the Otaku in Japan.earn to die play

According to the information is known, this new game will be receiving genuine license from the Japanese series Gintama, ensuring accurate reproduction of an attractive all-factor made ​​goods millions of hearts have bedeviled fan, super comfortable. Gintama Mobile version is designed to run smoothly on mobile platform promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. durango

If you do not know, is titled Gintama manga comic first appeared in 2003 in the journal Weekly Shounen Jump to content revolves around fictional Edo period. Background stories collected in the period when Japan was under the acculturation with ... aliens (not the West as in history) and the main character is our Gintoki Sakata, a samurai swordsman with incredibly monstrous character.

To survive, Gintoki same ones his friends have set up a "teams" hired, specializing get all kinds ... the world as long as there is money. However, with his monstrous personality with those friends which was not normal at all, Gintoki has created turmoil and phen caused plenty of trouble cry smile to the audience.

Through the pictures provided, Gintama Mobile will be the title of the action RPG genre turn-based 2D graphics and cute polar colors. Players will have to collect the character and form a 5-member squad to fight with all sorts of monsters big and fierce, besides also indispensable the villains in the series Gintama again .

Show Gintama Mobile has officially opened a trial version for devices that use the Android operating system.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Since the last 01/04, Durango, online role-playing game is extremely impressive survival officially open test in the Korean market. Scheduled game will be tested within 1 week to end on 07/04 here.As we've reported before, Durango is an open world MMORPG takes players large role in the struggle to survive the Stone Age, a time when dinosaurs still dominated and hegemony here. earn to die

this mobile game developed by What! Studio with the participation of the members of each participating development Mabinogi Heroes MMOARPG (aka Vindictus) and was released at the hands of giants Nexon genius. Blockbuster MMORPG open test Durango Durango is one of 8 most memorable mobile games introduced at G-Star 2015. 
fureyes base defense

Thereby, the player will have to try to survive in the wild without culture modern invention, to explore and explore, create many different items and fight with ferocious dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric creatures more bizarre. Durango also take players immersed in a true RPG combat system with enhanced features and coordination teams.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fureyes: Base Defense

Pureyes: Base Defense is a fast-paced, time-based tower defense strategy game that challenges you to defend your base from the attack by a creature called Fureyes eyes. Although maybe cute and cuddly in appearance, these little guys are daring missions destroying your base! Earn to die

Reasons to play high octane day, defense-based tactics game: For fans of the tower defense game classic, Fureyes: Base Defense has challenged that not only attacks Fureyes along a road - they have different entry points around the playground 360 degrees (with your base at the center position). This provides a stringent test of skills your battle strategy! You can cover all the angles, and you prove yourself as a master tactician in the face of overwhelming pressure and high numbers invading enemy . fancy wizard

Strategy to win: A cool head is needed here as in any battle! In defense, you have to use good strategy, turret guns were placed, and accurate spell to remove the invaders. Although you face wave after wave of Fureyes, you must calm your decision about where and when placing your turrets. Use special moves to your advantage - Wait for the perfect moment to strike to remove as many bad guys as possible in one swoop! Earn to die 6 

Fancy Wizard

Fancy Wizard is a problem-solving game, and intelligent platform that is the interaction of the puzzle, where you must use your strategies to be creative and to guide a red wizard the shirt through a variety of platforms with 18 floors. Your magicians can perform magical feats - and especially his team created a duplicate 'dummies "(when necessary) may perform some key tasks such as flip the switch, and distract enemies, forming jump pads, and more. your job is to use carefully the dummies to ensure your wizard can make it safely through each level!  Earn to die

The reason to play this exciting game: You can set yourself thinking skills and problem solving your analysis. When you learn how to harness the magic of the game and make up the uniqueness of the Wizard. Earn to die 6
Strategy to win: good management team and build a sound strategy that is key to guiding your wizard to Exit door in each level. Quick response and keyboard control skills are also needed in the game. You must be patient, determined, and willing to participate in the trial and error (and learn from your mistakes!). Piranha Chase

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

. Piranha Chase

How many yards can a duck trying to survive to fight a swarm of piranha very hungry? Piranha Chase is a little crazy, fun and addicting avoider game and runner / chase-style challenges for children / older youth that pits a rubber duck with a very eccentric piranha family along a extremely dangerous rivers. Your job is to help Ducky to dodge the piranha individuals, and do as many front yards upstream as possible by controlling the direction that the small ducks swim anytime. earn to die

The reason to play this game is very difficult and survival skills: If you like busy / fast response speed, finger dexterity and control challenges keyboard with a twist Quirky, eccentric game is sure sure fit the bill to make sure the implementation of reflective skills and your reaction. Earn to die 5

Best strategy: Dodge and weave your way along the river for as long as possible! Learning from trial and error plays a big part in your success strategy here as it might take you a few runs to get used to the attacking movements of the piranha fish. Good concentration, observations and anticipation skills are also vital as you try to predict when and where the piranha will approach from next. Jetpack Master Earn to die 6

Jetpack Maste

A set of bagpipes can really be used as a flying jetpack? Let's find out! Jetpack Master is a fun, "endless running" wacky action game and addicting yourself where you have to survive as long as possible by using the phone in the air jetpack your super cool on a long way , side-scrolling obstacle course full of dangerous robots, lasers, and other obstacles the future! Earn to die

We also can be played on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, you assume the role of a character playing the trumpet brave daredevil, and to propel yourself into the air by using notes from the use of musical instruments Celtic special. By using a combination constantly ascending and descending trend, you try to progress as far as possible! Earn to die 6

This crazy flying challenge requires a liking for fun action, reserves of stamina and determination, sharp observation skills, good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions as you attempt to dodge and glide around the various wacky obstacles as well as collecting important power-ups. Smart decision making is also essential as you try to predict the most immediate safest route through the air at all times, and in between runs when you choose the different upgrades to ensure you keep improving your survival chances as you progress. Good luck up there Jetpack Master! PC Mater.

Attention PC Master Race: All Games Shouldn’t Be Ported

Monday, April 18, 2016

Attention PC Master Race: All Games Shouldn’t Be Ported

Computer owners are wonderful people who deserve a lot of games. They have the right to receive the library is powerful and exciting attractions such as the owner what console they want. However, they are not really being treated as soon as it comes with the title. Instead of getting the game especially making them work perfectly when launched on their hardware, they will receive the problematic port. While it's nice for a game to be included and everywhere, maybe we have reached a point where a PC port of all AAA game is not exactly good news. Earn to die 4
Let's look at Dark Souls III as one of the latest examples of a port that wasn't quite what people were promised. For some, it's working fine. It's as good as the console iterations. But for every one person who's doing fine, it seems like we're also hearing from someone who had the game crash while they were making a character, at the first bonfire, or headed to the Firelink Shrine. These kinds of game-breaking issues aren't right, especially when the console version is fine. It makes you wonder if Bandai Namco put the right amount of effort into the endeavor. Judging by the company's Tales of Symphonia PC release, it's unlikely.
The result is unfair treatment for everyone involved. It isn't about exclusives being taken away or about suddenly deciding PC gamers should get fewer games because they're somehow less deserving. It's about making sure things are right for everyone who experiences a title. earn to die

As sad as it may sound, maybe the solution would be to hold off on day-one PC ports. Maybe developers and publishers should think more about the people who'll be playing their games than the money they could make off of them. They need to seriously look and determine if their games should even be on every platform. If they can't deliver an equivalent experience everywhere, then maybe a title should be exclusive to one system. It's only a matter of time before we have another Mortal Kombat X or Batman: Arkham Knight on our hands. How World of Warcraft Fans Just Got Screwed Read

How World of Warcraft Fans Just Got Screwed Read

The bad thing was brewing on the internet as of late. A group of fans really did not do anything wrong get stopped and order. This in itself is not anything unusual at all. Companies do this all the time. However, this time it's different, and worth calling attention to, because the company Activision Blizzard, the game is World of Warcraft, and this project is Nostalrius closed. earn to die
For those who have no idea what that is, here's a summary. Over 150,000 people were playing on Nostalrius, a private World of Warcraft server. It was an awesome place, based on the original World of Warcraft. There were no upgrades or expansions. Just a little slice of nostalgia representing the MMORPG as it was back in 2004 and 2005. There were even trained Game Masters for this server. Activision Blizzard decided it didn't like that, said there would be legal ramifications if it stayed online, and had it shut down on April 10. This is due to private servers being illegal, as Activision Blizzard is not making any money off of Nostalrius. earn to die 4
Which was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing. First of all, because it isn't like Nostalrius is the only private World of Warcraft server. It was just one of the largest. Singling out one specific, beloved group that's providing something fans have been wanting and requesting for years was wrong. If Activision Blizzard was going to be petty and do this, it should have started with private servers emulating the current World of Warcraft experience, then moved on to more specialized ones.

Because Nostalrius was doing us all a favor. MMORPGs are living things. They're constantly changing with each new update and expansion. Nostalrius took us back to the beginning of World of Warcraft. Since Activision Blizzard has been ignoring legacy server requests for years, these fans were giving people an in-demand experience that just wasn't going to happen via official channels.

Besides, how much money was Activision Blizzard really losing off of this? In November 2015, the company said it wouldn't be reporting subscription numbers after saying it was at 5.5 million active subscriptions. Nostalrius was at about 150,000 players at its best. These are folks who didn't want World of Warcraft was it was. They wouldn't have been giving Activision Blizzard money anyway. It was, as I said earlier, petty.

It's a terrible move at an important time. World of Warcraft subscriptions are falling. The movie is coming out on June 10, 2016. Activision Blizzard needs goodwill. It needs people to like both the company and the game. Going after a few niche fans and shutting down a project that's been running for years isn't going to help. Instead of bringing down the wrath of the internet, it should have taken inspiration from Nostalrius, opened legacy servers, and been a hero to the 150,000-odd players on that private server and others who've wanted those servers for years. American Poker 3

Thursday, April 14, 2016

American Poker 3

 American poker 3 is a poker machine game. This game is the 3rd version of the poker machine game. It is quite popular amid the gambling passionate. There are lots of people that are playing this game. In this game, you will have to think twice before making a deal. If you will play this game you should know that you can get real cash from it. The game was developed by Digital Vision. Earn to die 5 
How to play American poker 3
On the internet, you can play for free this game. There are lots of gambling web sites that are hosting this particular game as it is quite popular. What do you need in order to start playing? Well, you don’t need anything. Just go on that website, wait for the game to load and start enjoying it. The game itself will provide you with a credit of 1000 points. These points are necessary if you want to start playing. You have a button with which you can choose the bet that you want to place. You can bet from a minimum of 5 points up to 500 points. However, remember that each time when you click on the button Deal the game will retrieve the points that you bet if you don’t win anything. Earn to die 6 
The rules are exactly as at the common poker. You need an excellent hand, more than a pair of cards, in order to win something. Let’s see the points allocated to all the hands from the poker machine. If you have a pair and you’ve placed a bet of 5 points you can win 5 points. If you have two pairs you will win 10 points. If you have three cards of a kind you will win 15 points. If you have a straight you will make 20 points. If it happened that on your screen had appeared a flush hand you will make 30 points. For a full house you will make 45 points. For a straight flush you will take 250 points. Finally, the highest hand that you can make, a royal flush, can bring you 5000 points. In real games, in which are given real cash these hands can bring you lots of money.
So, how do you play it? As it was mentioned above, the game starts with 1000 points. You can choose how much you bet at every single strike. When you will click on the Deal button 5 cards will appear on the screen. The computer will automatically select the best cards from those 5, and stop them. You can risk your chances and click on the Deal button once again. If you receive some other good cards you can make a good hand, which will bring you points. Also, when you have a good hand the machine will ask you if you want to bet on colors. So, in the right part of your screen you have two buttons, a plus button and a minus button.
The plus button means that you bet on the red color. If the card that will show next is of the red color you will double your winnings. The minus button is for the black color. If you bet on it and the card shown by the machine is a black colored card you will double your winnings. However, if you don’t guess the right color of the card, you will lose everything you won so far.
American poker 3 is a gambling game. It can bring you profits, but it also can lead you to ruin. It is mostly based on luck, then on strategies. Uphill Rush 6

Uphill Rush 6

Uphill Rush 6 is one of the newest members of the Uphill Rush games family. It features action packed adventures! Ride a motorcycle, bicycle, horse, or jet skis through the maps obstacle courses to the finish line. Earn to die 5
How to play
Use the following keys to control your racer:
  • Arrow up – accelerate
  • Arrow down – reverse
  • Arrow left – lean back
  • Arrow right – lean forward
  • Space bar – jump and perform stunts
  • “M” key – toggle map on or off
  • “P” key – pause game
You can also customize your key options to suit your preferences.
Uphill Rush 6 has 10 maps for you to play and complete. Maps 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are reserved for “time Trial. Maps 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 are for racing against the computer. In addition to the increased number of maps to play, there are also bonus rounds as well as a “Race your Friends” event.
Game Money
Collect coins throughout each map to earn Game Money to purchase better vehicles and new outfits!
Bonus Rounds
There are two bonus rounds available. To unlock the first bonus round, you must complete maps 1, 3, and 5. To unlock the second bonus round, you must complete maps 2, 4, and 6. Beating each bonus round unlocks an additional vehicle you can use in the next set of maps.
Race Your Friends Event
The “Race Your Friends Event” allows you to invite your Facebook friend to play Uphill Rush 5, and challenge them to a head-to-head race to see who is better! After all, it’s not much of a game unless someone can lose, right? Earn to die 6 
You can fully customize your character (racer). You choose the racers gender, his outfit, and even the color of his outfit! Many of the outfits are locked, though, and can only be unlocked by collecting game money and completing maps.
There are many vehicle options to select in Uphill Rush 6. Some examples include:
  • Speed boats
  • Sail boats
  • Water tubes
  • Skateboards
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Ponies
  • Turtles
  • And much more
All vehicles are customizable – you can change their colors!
You start out with five lives per level. However, if you are good, and you get a high enough score, you can earn an extra life!
Recommended Age
Children ages 6 and up will enjoy playing Uphill Rush 6! Don’t worry parents; this game does not involve any violence or bad language. Seek for positivity and peace in Raze 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Seek for positivity and peace in Raze 2

A flash game series is indeed a great varied compilation of tremendous entertainment.One good example is the Raze series. It has come up with its second serving in Raze 2. Have you noticed that shooting games are getting popular among gamers nowadays? There are three reason why a game like Raze 2 is becoming a favorite among other flash games. First is because of the entertainment factors it has such as graphics and background. Second is because of the fact that it is an action packed game because of the involvement of shooting schemes. Last reason is because of the fact that it requires full interaction from the player. Further details are included or written on the next paragraph. earn to die 5

Since this is already the second edition, you can expect for a higher degree of entertainment and challenge. This game is the second installment of Raze which means it has the same objective like the first one had. It is to eliminate opponents using different shooting weapons available. There are three game modes available such as human, alien and quick match. Search Raze 2 now and have a full blast game. Be alert, mindful and efficient in seeking for positivity rather than evil or bad doings. Earn to die 6

Three dimensional adventure in Age of Speed 3

Three dimensional adventure in Age of Speed 3

Racing games have been getting a lot of attention from gamers around the world because they are trully exciting. There are three reasons why such success has been given to these games. One reason is because of the entertainment it brings to any one who plays it. Second reason is because it raise awareness about competitiveness in an individual. Third reason is because it is thrilling, exciting and entertaining to a greater level. This article presents a good example which is called Age of Speed 3. You can read the whole article or you can browse around this site for further details. Earn to die 5

The good thing about it is that it is three dimensional. Just read the succeeding sentences to know your objective.You will just have to choose a racer as well as the vehicle that you will be using in the race. There are good looking graphics that are not painful to watch and see as well as cool cars and tracks that one can really enjoy. This third installment can be played online. Go ahead and search for it now! Earn to die 6

Scary Maze Game 7

Monday, April 11, 2016

Scary Maze Game 7

Scary Maze Game 7, a flash game that tests your hand eye coordination, is an online puzzle game filled with scary adventure. Your job is to use your mouse to guide the ball through each maze to the goal. Do not touch the walls of the puzzle, or any obstacles that may get in your way! Earn to die 5
Level 1 is an easy level designed to teach you how to play the game. In this level, you are required to guide the ball through the maze without touching the sides. If you touch the sides of the maze, you will have to begin again. To increase the difficulty of this level, there are twinkling stars around the screen that is sure to distract you. Try not to get distracted to complete the level successfully! Earn to die 6
Level 2 is all about Super Mario Brothers. The maze is designed to make you guide the ball around the power-up mushroom from the classic game. Be careful not to touch the sides of the maze, or the evil mushroom walking across the top! If you do, you will have to start the game over from the beginning. Scary Differences 2
Level 3 may look easy, but it is actually quite difficult. In this maze, you guide the ball around the goldfish outline while avoiding the smaller swimming fish and the maze wall.

Scary Differences 2

How to play Scary Differences
There are two pictures that will be displayed on the screen. They may look identical, but still you have to spot the 5 differences from the picture on the right portion of the screen before you jump to the next level. And if you think that that is all about this game, well don’t assume too soon because time pressure is greatly involved in this game. Earn to die 5
In the event that you were not able to spot the 5 differences within the allowed time frame, you would have to start all over again. With the battle against time, you won’t easily find the well-hidden differences, so getting the game done the shortest possible time is most likely not going to happen.  Earn to die 6
Your mouse will be your best partner in this game. Once you have noticed a difference in the two pictures, roll your mouse over it and it will draw a circle around the object automatically, the best indicator telling you that you have chosen the right difference. After you have successfully completed the 5 well-hidden difference objects, you will either move on to the next level or you would be granted with unexpected surprises.
Game Levels
As each level progress the harder it is to identify the differences on both pictures. This is where your skills are being tested on how keen you can distinguish odd objects on identical looking images. Your mind will be placed on a difficult task, but will surely give you benefits in the way you think and analyze. Scary Maze Game 2
Scary Maze offers extremely amazing surprises, but this case is different. This is just one of the few games that should be played no matter what. It also promotes quality time and bonding moments with family and friends. Sharing this game will not only make your gaming moments happy, but theirs as well. This is not just a game that should be played individually; remember two heads or more are still better than one.
The Scary differences 2 comes in with amusing illustrations that will make you think that there is not a single difference in either of the pictures. So you really have to be very focused on identifying them, but never forget the time that will for sure to pressure you. Observation and focus are your greatest weapons to succeed at every level.

Scary Maze Game 2

Object of the game:
The game has one simple objective – roll the ball through the maze to the goal to complete each level. The catch is: can you do it without touching the sides? There are 5 levels you must complete. If you can do this, you can move on to the last round: the bonus round! This is where things get interesting!The game might sound easy, however some people may find it difficult. It challenges your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Earn to die 5
The graphics of Scary Maze Game 2 are rather simple. There is a backdrop picture of a spooky, forest-like image set behind each maze. Once you get into the bonus round, that’s when you’re likely to get your socks scared off of you! The graphics are a little better there.
Age range:
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this game for anyone younger than 13. The images on this game – especially in the bonus level – can be rather scary for younger children. Older children are less likely to develop nightmares based on unrealistic images and characters. So parents – play this game first, and use your best judgment before allowing your children to play. Earn to die 6
Additional information:
The developers of this game offer many other maze games similar to this one. Out of curiosity, we played a few. The objectives of all of the scary maze games offered are about the same: guide a ball or block through the maze to the end or goal. The graphics and bonus round images are always different, though. In one version, you could be playing in a simple black on turquoise setting, with the bonus round having one type of scary image – and in a different version, you could be playing in a completely different color scheme or image background, with a totally different scary image for the bonus round.
You just never know what the developers have in store for you!
None of these games are very time consuming. They are mostly for us pranksters that enjoy scaring our friends and family. This is the perfect game for “April Fool’s Day” pranks!
Due to it being such a simple, short game – there are no need for cheat codes, entering in codes to receive free game money, or anything of that nature.

Added excitement:
With games like these, you can always find some good entertainment floating around the internet of other people playing. There are many videos on youtube of people playing Scary Maze 2, and other similar games, that will have you rolling in your seat laughing. Many of these videos have already gone viral, and you may have already seen them, or heard your friends talking about them. Skywire 1
Overall, this game is both fun, and funny. It’s a great game to play when you’re looking for something to do – or to get a laugh at your friends’ expense. It also helps you to practice your fine motor skills.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Skywire 1

Skywire, brought to you by Nitrome, is an action based game of skill. There are 20 levels in all to complete – each one harder than the last. Do you have the skill to beat all 20 levels?
You play as a chair left, guiding 3 passengers to the safety of the goal line.
Game Play Options
In addition to the setting options mentioned above, once you start a level, there are a few options you can select. They include:
  • Pause button
  • Back button
  • Try again button
  • Submit Score
Your main objective is to twist and turn your chairlift along the winding course and guide as many passengers to the goal line as you can. You start out with three passengers in your chairlift. Be careful of falling, jumping, and swinging objects! If you touch any of the obstacles trying to stop you, one of your passengers will fall! You must guide a minimum of one passenger to safety in order to successfully complete each level. Earn to die 6
Skywire features many obstacles that try to stop you from reaching the goal line in every level. Some examples of the obstacles within the game are: bomb dropping birds, high jumping frogs, parachuting pandas, killer whales jumping out of the water to eat your passengers, swinging monkeys, oversized butterflies, and tractors mowing the lawn close to the course. Earn to die 5
Try your best not to touch any of these, or the other obstacles in the game, while transporting your passengers to safety!!
At the end of each level, when you have successfully delivered as many passengers as possible to the goal line, the “Level Cleared” screen will appear. This screen will tell you how many people you saved, how much time you had remaining, and your total score for the level.
Your total score is based on the number of people you saved, multiplied with your remaining time!
There are several video walkthroughs available for Skywire, which you can find by doing a Google search for “Skywire Walkthrough”. You can also find video walkthroughs available on YouTube for the first 10 levels.
Age Appropriate
Skywire is appropriate for ages 6 and up. There are no graphic images or foul language in the game, however children younger than 6 may find this game to be difficult due to the fine motor skills needed to successfully complete each level. Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Looking for an exciting new tower defense to sink your teeth into? Well, I will certainly have to recommend that you play Bloons Tower Defense 5, a new game in the series that has improved on the previous game dramatically. It now provides a lot more features, towers, customization options, but above all impressive new graphics and good audio! Earn to die 5 

 Earn to die 6 The developers behind Bloons Tower Defense 5 have taken the same concept of the previous games and left it unchanged but has focused on implementing more features and balancing the game to make it fairer.  They have included tons of new levels that feature some new enemies as well as brand new towers that change all previous strategies that you might have had and leave you to think hard on what you plan on doing in this game. The enemies are also much more impressive and you will now have a chance to fight against a powerful camouflage balloon that can sneak through your ranks and do you a lot of damage without you realizing it if you do not have the proper towers. All in all, I recommend that you play Bloons Tower Defense 5 as it is really an impressive game. Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

If you have played any of the previous games then you probably know a bit about how the game mechanics work. The controls are rather simple and haven’t changed from the previous games which will make it easy to start playing the game right from the start. Fancy Pants Adventure 3 features a tutorial at the start as well which is a great new addition. Apart from the fact that the tutorial is quite funny and very informative, it will also provide you with a list of all the possible moves that you can perform in case you had forgotten how to slide, speed roll or climb walls. Earn to die 5
As for the controls you will be using your arrow keys for moving and rolling, while the S key stays reserved for jumps and stomps. You will face enemies on your path the same way you have in the previous games although most will be much easier to defeat now. Enemies will also display a health bar above their heads now in order to give you an idea of just how much effort will be needed in order to beat them. You will find it that some opponents such as spiders are now much easier to beat. Earn to die 6

Plotline and the Environment

The pirates have commandeered the royal bathtub and the king is in dire need of your help! So, that means that we once again have another silly story behind all of the jumping and sliding and once again the dialogues will be very funny! Aside from all the levels that are directly related to the main quest there are a lot of other side rooms that contain a lot of other mini challenges and hide special trophies that are waiting for you to find them!
Fancy Pants Adventure 3 features an amazing new world that is actually quite complex and very large. You can waste hours exploring it and searching for hidden tunnels and hard-to-reach platforms that hide special golden stars or an entrance into another mini level.
And what can be said about the visual and audio effects? Well, the graphics are quite impressive in this game and they have really outdone the previous two games by a lot! The soundtracks are even better as well since they change more rapidly and fit each scenario better than in the second world of the game. The artistic approach to everything is what makes Fancy Pants Adventure 3 more than just a simple flash game and hopefully the author will not abandon the project anytime soon. If you finished this game and wanna try something similar , we recommend Papa Louie , a great adventure game. Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 earned its name because the enemies that you are fighting are actually balloons that are moving very fast along the path in order to get to the exit area. Yes, you did read that correctly, balloons are the enemy creeps and the towers you will be provided with are actually silly monkeys that fire darts and bombs at the enemy. Doesn’t sound like a very mature game and it doesn’t look like one either, but trust me when I say that it provides a very difficult challenge on many of its levels, especially if you play on hard difficulty. Earn to die 5
The thing you need to pay special attention to in this game are the enemies which will die and spawn very quickly and before you know it you might find yourself overran by waves of creeps that you cannot defeat. The trick is that certain balloons, once destroyed, gift birth to several new balloons which might do the same. This means that one opponent could turn out to be something that actually contains over twenty different enemies that will move very quickly and do their best to reach their exit. This is why it is vital that you learn about each enemy as well as their weaknesses so that you can learn how you can combat them. The trick is also in figuring out what your own towers are capable of since there is no sense in investing into a tower that is currently not needed. Earn to die 6
As far as towers go, Bloons Tower Defense 4 is loaded with many of them, and mastering them all and figuring out which to upgrade can take a lot of time and effort. Unlike some other games that provide only a handful of towers, Bloons Defense actually provides you with two long columns on powerful turrets as well as many different traps and bombs that you can use during each level. Bubble Spinner
The game features some very nice, fancy graphics which do look a bit cartoony, but will still make the whole game entertaining. The monkeys are quite funny and cute and their animations will give you a nice laugh. As for the audio, it is not so impressive and there is no real soundtrack present at any point in the game. The included audio effects are also quite horrible so you better mute the game and play some music of your own since the in-game sound is quite bad and not very important for the game itself.


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