Sunday, April 10, 2016

Truck Loader 6

Truck Loader 6 is a mind boggling, incredibly fun flash game that tests your fine motor skills and problem solving skills. The object of the game is to load the truck with the boxes, however it is harder than you think! Each level features new puzzles to solve. This version includes even more features for the user, making the game even more exciting! Earn to die 5
Coin Shop
Some of the items you may find in the Coin Shop include:
  • Hints – this item will give you one free hint to help you if you get stuck on a level.
  • Stronger magnet attachments – there are 3 upgrades for the magnet attachment.
  • Longer magnetic arm attachments – there are 2 upgrades for the magnetic arm to help you reach further for a box.
  • Hydraulic attachments – there are 3 upgrade items available to make you jump higher and reach higher platforms. Earn to die 6
In addition to the Coin Shop feature, there is also a “Challenge Your Friends” feature! Send an invitation to your friends on Facebook to challenge them to a head-to-head competition for the high score for each level. Challenges will be posted on your friends’ wall to ensure they see the challenge. Challenges remain open for 3 days. After three days, if the challenge is not accepted or denied, the challenger automatically wins the round and any additional bonus coins they are competing for! 
If you don’t like the music included in the game, you have the option to toggle it off. You can also turn off the sound effects, as well as toggle the graphics between high, medium and low settings. This enables players with poor graphics cards or slow internet speeds to enjoy the game as well. Amigo Pancho 4



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