Monday, April 18, 2016

Attention PC Master Race: All Games Shouldn’t Be Ported

Computer owners are wonderful people who deserve a lot of games. They have the right to receive the library is powerful and exciting attractions such as the owner what console they want. However, they are not really being treated as soon as it comes with the title. Instead of getting the game especially making them work perfectly when launched on their hardware, they will receive the problematic port. While it's nice for a game to be included and everywhere, maybe we have reached a point where a PC port of all AAA game is not exactly good news. Earn to die 4
Let's look at Dark Souls III as one of the latest examples of a port that wasn't quite what people were promised. For some, it's working fine. It's as good as the console iterations. But for every one person who's doing fine, it seems like we're also hearing from someone who had the game crash while they were making a character, at the first bonfire, or headed to the Firelink Shrine. These kinds of game-breaking issues aren't right, especially when the console version is fine. It makes you wonder if Bandai Namco put the right amount of effort into the endeavor. Judging by the company's Tales of Symphonia PC release, it's unlikely.
The result is unfair treatment for everyone involved. It isn't about exclusives being taken away or about suddenly deciding PC gamers should get fewer games because they're somehow less deserving. It's about making sure things are right for everyone who experiences a title. earn to die

As sad as it may sound, maybe the solution would be to hold off on day-one PC ports. Maybe developers and publishers should think more about the people who'll be playing their games than the money they could make off of them. They need to seriously look and determine if their games should even be on every platform. If they can't deliver an equivalent experience everywhere, then maybe a title should be exclusive to one system. It's only a matter of time before we have another Mortal Kombat X or Batman: Arkham Knight on our hands. How World of Warcraft Fans Just Got Screwed Read


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