Sunday, April 10, 2016

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Looking for an exciting new tower defense to sink your teeth into? Well, I will certainly have to recommend that you play Bloons Tower Defense 5, a new game in the series that has improved on the previous game dramatically. It now provides a lot more features, towers, customization options, but above all impressive new graphics and good audio! Earn to die 5 

 Earn to die 6 The developers behind Bloons Tower Defense 5 have taken the same concept of the previous games and left it unchanged but has focused on implementing more features and balancing the game to make it fairer.  They have included tons of new levels that feature some new enemies as well as brand new towers that change all previous strategies that you might have had and leave you to think hard on what you plan on doing in this game. The enemies are also much more impressive and you will now have a chance to fight against a powerful camouflage balloon that can sneak through your ranks and do you a lot of damage without you realizing it if you do not have the proper towers. All in all, I recommend that you play Bloons Tower Defense 5 as it is really an impressive game. Fancy Pants Adventure 3


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