Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chronicles of Elyria

As we have previously reported, after only a few hours of the capital fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter, Chronicles of Elyria has obtained up to 200 thousand USD, equivalent to more than 4 billion Vietnam from the community of gamers. And after the period of capital donations from gamers on Kickstarter of Chronicles of Elyria, ending their game developer online has rigged up his back more than 1.3 million, the equivalent of more than 30 billion to continue developing Super foods are being a lot of people waiting for this.
Chronicles of Elyria lets gamers do what want freedom, even can write up a separate history page for themselves, become King of a realm. Earn to die 5

Players will be comfortable career choice, visit the landscape everywhere, make their own adventure. However the most notable thing of Chronicles of Elyria is the ability to turn a character in the game, which didn't change anything in many other online game, become ill and have the ability to ... go to the afterlife.
Of course with an online game survive as Chronicles of Elyria, you will have to do everything to survive, from the hidden threat in the vast world of the game, the monsters, the main tasks online as well as offline, even from the other gamers. Earn to die 6

Can see that the fighting part of the Chronicles of Elyria brings more action and asked gamers to have high skills, faced the enemy has the ability to attack at any time, as well as the ability to Dodge.
Thanks to the graphics technology, the characters in the game will grow old right. From the fitness you will be going to see when more shade of old, until the wrinkles on the face. The muscle will gradually ... Paste and sagging, true to the look of the elderly which we often see real-life. doom


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