Monday, June 13, 2016


Bethesda said, this version is like a demo for gamers Doom fans
Finally, on May 13, the blockbuster shooting game Doom has officially launched the community of gamers. There are people who feel the game's gameplay is still not overwhelming enough compared with his predecessors that the reason lies primarily in the mixed finish slow, others back to that familiar formula of Doom must change to adapt to the times, not always die. This issue belongs to the feel of each individual and to decide if Doom has attractive or not, we have no other way is the game experience itself when it launched the expedition. Earn to die

But not everyone has bought the license key, and Doom ... can not crack because the use of Denuvo, one of the strong copyright protection system for ever. If you want to play the game, you will only have a unique way that is buying the license key on Steam on your account, download the game new play stays.
However the good news is, since today 13/06, gamers will be able to download for free the first gameplay of Doom about to play. Bethesda said, this version is like a demo for gamers Doom fans, they can play the free trial to see the game that suits her not before money out to buy key game all rights reserved.

A strange new points in comparison with the Doom of his predecessor as gamers can search the articles appear randomly on a map bearing the name Demon Rune with the ability to transform into a devil players with superior strength. If, as in the first trailer we saw characters reincarnations into demonic Revenant species by the Demon, the Runes in the new image, this time, he even became a Cyber giant Demon, easily crushed the opponents still in Los who often. 
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