Friday, July 15, 2016

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

The Board will be hard to find out the score of any cooking in the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday because the game was kneading dough by our development team with many members participated in projects such as Grand Thief Auto III, Vice City, ... This game is based on the true details, based on the historical data rarely recorded. And so players can view crisp angles, including the elements of action, adventure, the gameplay in the game are relatively similar to the Grand Thief Auto mix little Telltale game style. Earn to die 5

The story that the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday to focus on the time of the Iran war. You will join the rally by undercover on Reza has came from a wealthy family. After studying in Germany, he returned to Iran and participated in the revolution is happening by accident. The story revolves around conversations, each episode requires the player to give the choice will determine the relationship of Reza and ones. From here you will also have a much different view around the Iranian revolution which games are geared to the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday officially released a PC version in April and have influenced the majority of gamers worldwide. And recently, the game also has a version for mobile devices the iOS operating system, very intuitive game thanks to the induction system. Earn to die 6

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