Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An introductory uphill battle with Uphill Rush 1

Uphill Rush 1 is the introductory edition from the vehicle-themed flash game series called Uphill Rush. This edition is very important because of two things. First is because it will set the benchmark of the adventure and challenges that will evolve throughout the series. Second is because this is where the story of the whole series begins. This game features a lot of vehicles which are commonly seen and incorporated in different entertainment mediums. Vehicles are really helpful to our daily living and we must be very thankful for their existence. Continue reading or scanning the whole content of this article so that you will be informed about Uphill Rush 1. Earn to die 5

This is a racing game where the players will have to deal with different type of vehicles as well as different locations or environment. The vehicles you will be using are bike, quad, skateboard and truck. Your ultimate goal is to finish all the levels or tracks without falling down off the platform. For further details or information, you can search for its link online. Earn to die 6


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