Thursday, April 14, 2016

American Poker 3

 American poker 3 is a poker machine game. This game is the 3rd version of the poker machine game. It is quite popular amid the gambling passionate. There are lots of people that are playing this game. In this game, you will have to think twice before making a deal. If you will play this game you should know that you can get real cash from it. The game was developed by Digital Vision. Earn to die 5 
How to play American poker 3
On the internet, you can play for free this game. There are lots of gambling web sites that are hosting this particular game as it is quite popular. What do you need in order to start playing? Well, you don’t need anything. Just go on that website, wait for the game to load and start enjoying it. The game itself will provide you with a credit of 1000 points. These points are necessary if you want to start playing. You have a button with which you can choose the bet that you want to place. You can bet from a minimum of 5 points up to 500 points. However, remember that each time when you click on the button Deal the game will retrieve the points that you bet if you don’t win anything. Earn to die 6 
The rules are exactly as at the common poker. You need an excellent hand, more than a pair of cards, in order to win something. Let’s see the points allocated to all the hands from the poker machine. If you have a pair and you’ve placed a bet of 5 points you can win 5 points. If you have two pairs you will win 10 points. If you have three cards of a kind you will win 15 points. If you have a straight you will make 20 points. If it happened that on your screen had appeared a flush hand you will make 30 points. For a full house you will make 45 points. For a straight flush you will take 250 points. Finally, the highest hand that you can make, a royal flush, can bring you 5000 points. In real games, in which are given real cash these hands can bring you lots of money.
So, how do you play it? As it was mentioned above, the game starts with 1000 points. You can choose how much you bet at every single strike. When you will click on the Deal button 5 cards will appear on the screen. The computer will automatically select the best cards from those 5, and stop them. You can risk your chances and click on the Deal button once again. If you receive some other good cards you can make a good hand, which will bring you points. Also, when you have a good hand the machine will ask you if you want to bet on colors. So, in the right part of your screen you have two buttons, a plus button and a minus button.
The plus button means that you bet on the red color. If the card that will show next is of the red color you will double your winnings. The minus button is for the black color. If you bet on it and the card shown by the machine is a black colored card you will double your winnings. However, if you don’t guess the right color of the card, you will lose everything you won so far.
American poker 3 is a gambling game. It can bring you profits, but it also can lead you to ruin. It is mostly based on luck, then on strategies. Uphill Rush 6


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