Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cyclomaniacs 3

Cyclomaniacs 3 is based on the same concept as the previous two versions. It is a single-player racing game where you race against the clock and up to 10 other computerized racers to try to come in first place, complete achievements, and earn in-game money. Earn to die 5
This version offers a few more settings the player can adjust to suit his/her needs. They are:
  • Toggle music on/off
  • Toggle sound effects on/off
  • Toggle graphics quality – low, medium, or high
  • Clear map progress
How to play
The controls of Cyclomaniacs 3 are the same as the previous version. You can use the arrow buttons or A, S, W, D to control your bike; use the “R” button to restart a particular level; and use the “P” button to pause your game at any time.

Customizations and upgrades
This version offers the player many different options to customize and upgrade the riders in the game. Customizations include:
  • Upgrade speed stat
  • Upgrade acceleration stat
  • Upgrade brake stat
  • Upgrade boost stat
  • Upgrade spin stat
  • Upgrade jump stat
  • Change riders’ clothes and shoes, as well as their colors.
Game Shop and Item Purchases
Cyclomaniacs 3 has a Game Shop where you can spend some of your race winnings to purchase a variety of items – some that may even help you perform better! Items such as a variety of Vitamin Waters offer you the ability to increase your boost stat temporarily. The large variety of clothes available can help you increase your jump stat – though only slightly and temporarily. The shoes available can help you increase your speed stat – again, only slightly and temporarily. Earn to die 6
As mentioned, each item that offers a stat increase only lasts temporarily – three uses per item. Once you have used that item for a total of 3 times, the item will disappear from your inventory and will only be visible on your rider until the end of the race. Additionally, each item only increases those stats slightly, however the more expensive the item, the more it will increase your stats.
There are also other items in the Game Shop may not give you any stat bonuses – but look cool and are customizable.

So, how do you earn cash?
There are a few ways you can earn cash in Cyclomaniacs 3. One: you can win races. If you come in first place on any given track, you win $300; second place earns you $200; for third place, you receive $100, and so on.
In addition to winning races to earn in-game cash, you can also complete achievements to receive money. Each achievement completed gives you an additional $500 cash – which you can then use to upgrade your stats or purchase items from the Game Shop. Find Home in Snail Bob 1


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