Friday, April 22, 2016

Fancy Wizard

Fancy Wizard is a problem-solving game, and intelligent platform that is the interaction of the puzzle, where you must use your strategies to be creative and to guide a red wizard the shirt through a variety of platforms with 18 floors. Your magicians can perform magical feats - and especially his team created a duplicate 'dummies "(when necessary) may perform some key tasks such as flip the switch, and distract enemies, forming jump pads, and more. your job is to use carefully the dummies to ensure your wizard can make it safely through each level!  Earn to die

The reason to play this exciting game: You can set yourself thinking skills and problem solving your analysis. When you learn how to harness the magic of the game and make up the uniqueness of the Wizard. Earn to die 6
Strategy to win: good management team and build a sound strategy that is key to guiding your wizard to Exit door in each level. Quick response and keyboard control skills are also needed in the game. You must be patient, determined, and willing to participate in the trial and error (and learn from your mistakes!). Piranha Chase


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