Friday, April 22, 2016

Fureyes: Base Defense

Pureyes: Base Defense is a fast-paced, time-based tower defense strategy game that challenges you to defend your base from the attack by a creature called Fureyes eyes. Although maybe cute and cuddly in appearance, these little guys are daring missions destroying your base! Earn to die

Reasons to play high octane day, defense-based tactics game: For fans of the tower defense game classic, Fureyes: Base Defense has challenged that not only attacks Fureyes along a road - they have different entry points around the playground 360 degrees (with your base at the center position). This provides a stringent test of skills your battle strategy! You can cover all the angles, and you prove yourself as a master tactician in the face of overwhelming pressure and high numbers invading enemy . fancy wizard

Strategy to win: A cool head is needed here as in any battle! In defense, you have to use good strategy, turret guns were placed, and accurate spell to remove the invaders. Although you face wave after wave of Fureyes, you must calm your decision about where and when placing your turrets. Use special moves to your advantage - Wait for the perfect moment to strike to remove as many bad guys as possible in one swoop! Earn to die 6 


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