Monday, April 25, 2016


Since the last 01/04, Durango, online role-playing game is extremely impressive survival officially open test in the Korean market. Scheduled game will be tested within 1 week to end on 07/04 here.As we've reported before, Durango is an open world MMORPG takes players large role in the struggle to survive the Stone Age, a time when dinosaurs still dominated and hegemony here. earn to die

this mobile game developed by What! Studio with the participation of the members of each participating development Mabinogi Heroes MMOARPG (aka Vindictus) and was released at the hands of giants Nexon genius. Blockbuster MMORPG open test Durango Durango is one of 8 most memorable mobile games introduced at G-Star 2015. 
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Thereby, the player will have to try to survive in the wild without culture modern invention, to explore and explore, create many different items and fight with ferocious dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric creatures more bizarre. Durango also take players immersed in a true RPG combat system with enhanced features and coordination teams.


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