Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gintama Mobile

Recently, the company famous Japanese game Namco Bandai has suddenly speak about the brand will bring the anime / manga hit "Gintama" ported to the mobile platform. Accordingly products temporarily called Gintama Mobile will officially embark Namco Bandai and developer DeNA released immediately in 2016. This is a super fun for the fans of this super humorous stories, as well as the Otaku in Japan.earn to die play

According to the information is known, this new game will be receiving genuine license from the Japanese series Gintama, ensuring accurate reproduction of an attractive all-factor made ​​goods millions of hearts have bedeviled fan, super comfortable. Gintama Mobile version is designed to run smoothly on mobile platform promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. durango

If you do not know, is titled Gintama manga comic first appeared in 2003 in the journal Weekly Shounen Jump to content revolves around fictional Edo period. Background stories collected in the period when Japan was under the acculturation with ... aliens (not the West as in history) and the main character is our Gintoki Sakata, a samurai swordsman with incredibly monstrous character.

To survive, Gintoki same ones his friends have set up a "teams" hired, specializing get all kinds ... the world as long as there is money. However, with his monstrous personality with those friends which was not normal at all, Gintoki has created turmoil and phen caused plenty of trouble cry smile to the audience.

Through the pictures provided, Gintama Mobile will be the title of the action RPG genre turn-based 2D graphics and cute polar colors. Players will have to collect the character and form a 5-member squad to fight with all sorts of monsters big and fierce, besides also indispensable the villains in the series Gintama again .

Show Gintama Mobile has officially opened a trial version for devices that use the Android operating system.


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