Thursday, April 28, 2016

GunGun Online

Until now, recalling the events of Asiasoft-a game released in Vietnam claimed close Gunbound mid 2007 is still considered a sad anniversary of the gamers. Even with those who had a loss of sleep loss with Gundbound, they considered this pain will long argue can be deleted. Earn to die

Notice the current state of the community game Gunbound Free need a turnbase game product quality to maintain passion, at the same time is a slight consolation to transcend the sadness from the shooter with the legendary corner apartment. The recently VMOGA to Ho Chi Minh from the Studio has released their new product named GunGun Online. Of course, this is shooting game series coordinates on the mobile-based gameplay of Gunbound with so many innovative improvements. earn to die 5
GunGun Online bring to us the pictures incredibly familiar, what kind of pet, vehicle with all the same relative shape in Gunbound game myth. You will see the familiar character but with a more user-friendly name as miners, Steel Snail, shrimp, the Power ... However, I myself am quite surprise with the way our eyes because of the design in any aspect that looks real ... obnoxious.

Basically, has tried to keep Online GunGun originally as characteristic of the car, the orbit shot, computer system weekly (turn-base), the system of articles ... compelling gameplay, depth and discern different levels of gamers. Each car has a different, unique shooting and do not match up.
Come with every car, gamers have the distinct, unique experience and the opportunity to conquer a new challenge. So rare that people would be confident that "good shot" of all types of vehicles and the "random" in Gunbound is extreme adventure by car on "strange" If the possibility of losing you is almost certainly.
You will fight solo or together with the other teammates 2vs2 or 3vs3 form through or dogfights. Accordingly, the elements in the Sun or the wind gust, also appears to the player calculate for each shot. R-Type II 

In addition, GunGun Online has many additional features such as the control system of a mobile suit, system character has special skills, that's the God's treasure features lights, "Deputy" and many other new features will bring you more of what you expect with a mobile version of Gunbound.

In the gameplay and the image of the legendary game Gunbound, good-looking and bright interface then GunGun Online promises to bring to the community Free gamers to relive distant memories. Not only that, the game was reviews that are suitable for small children because no violent character styles and extremely lovable.


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