Friday, May 27, 2016


Implosion have immersive gameplay action shooter mixed with slashing category extremely attractive. Speeding in each match is pushed with speed should be as do the players excited. Gamers will not less times to encounter swarms of monsters single races, many battles, so that also will be slashing power agreement and sweeps. earn to die

Implosion: Never Lose Hope also allows players to upgrade the borders of robots through the Ark system. Pieces of artifacts collected on the road is the main factor to upgrade, from power, defense, until the speed faster, the player can build in my own stars to suit his style of play.

Besides the gameplay, the graphics in the game also contributed. Create the character robot anime-style Japanese, the effects of light and fire and explosion made pretty good. In addition, the technique in game development contest extremely beautiful, show the powerful dung and partisanship in each such. Create monsters in the game are also vague is pretty good, especially the giant boss full of suicide. It must be said that, the main graphic is a big plus point helps the game become more charismatic and attractive. Energy heroes

Friday, May 20, 2016

Energy Heroes

Recently a development team from France is the DSC Studio22 has introduced their new online game is Energy Heroes, this is a third shooter game brings bold action combined with MOBA style prevalent in recent times. As expected, the games will open on 1/6 to
Energy Heroes have the context in the future with the new, modern weapons, gamers will experience the high-action game by relatively small and map the 2 factions constantly met to Parley. In addition, the other rules of the game are also operated by computer ' classic ', very much like the game shooting MOBA has appeared before. Earn to die

In Energy Heroes, gamers can choose 10 generals, is divided into 3 distinct class system with skill, weapons are plentiful and always plays a role in the team, needing to combine with a precise way team can win.

In addition, besides shooting elements, then the player must also get acquainted with many bizarre tactics of Energy Heroes by not always you can also break up extermination of opponents to win. The graphics in this game are relatively nice and bright with cute cartoon style, easy to create sympathy for gamers right from the first moment. However, some movement is still relatively hard and expressiveness of the character should also be further improved. EvilBane

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Context in EvilBane took place in 20 years before the continent has just undergone a war grave, evil growing and attempted annexation of the Kingdom of Ceroth. At this time, noticed the menace on a terrible, the Supreme and he sent the hero away eradicate as well as prevent this disaster from happening. earn to die

From here, the player will transform into one of the Raven and Knight against minions of the dark, and discover the secrets of the Crystal Heavenstones. The game will have 3 main characters to choose from including players have Luke-Warrior the player quite comprehensive, Khara-weak defenses but owns guest speed fast and slow but powerful-Vango.

EvilBane has five modes of play including the Scenario mode, Adventure mode with 150 chapters for you to explore the power deal, Raid mode allows players with friends against the attack of the devil in a certain time, Arena mode lets the player's ingenuity with the other gamers and is the ultimate In Combat functions allow the State Assembly so high financial low together up to 18 people. In addition to the more than 1200 weapons and equipment to you explore power agreement as well as collectibles. 

The mechanism of the game is built in the style of action role-playing, in which the smooth grace as the most important factors are rating. EvilBane emulates the phone into a virtual grip, press and Paws the screen to order the characters using the skill. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

4X4 Jam HD

4 x 4 Jam HD was released by Publisher Invictus release unit one game now, not only can kind of racing game Invictus also released other categories to the player selected as the genre role-playing game, card game genre ... most of the titles released by this unit has the characteristic as incredible gameplay innovative storyline, diverse character system. earn to die

4 x 4 's graphic Jam HD is vivid 3D graphics mag back to players feeling carried over when driving though still know it is only a virtual school, the meticulously detailed graphics of goods through each tree in grass game.

When participating in the game the player will be the choice of the different race types like normal road racing, racing, racing freedom ... with different difficulty level. Race car system in the game Jam 4 x 4 HD is also quite diverse categories such as: beetle, truck, Revo ...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Need for Speed Most Wanted

As one of the versions developed by Criterion Games, Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted will put you in an open environment city Fairhaven with a series of fierce clashes and the screen exciting chase between the player and the scene Iron. This mobile game has three main types of racing Sprint Race, Circuit Race and Speed ​​Run, on any track can be detected by the police and you will have to escape them if you want to eat point, of course, together with the completion his lap. earn to die 

Police here nor in the form of easy deal, they know more call teammates, calling helicopter support and above all the monitors ambush, trapping players in the narrow and hidden corners, if you are not careful, the arrest is obvious. The game also set out for players who topped the list of 12 Most Wanted just like in the old version, you will have to overcome them if you want to own the car of their strong, which in addition to 12 cars out, you can go around the city to collect their cars. three kings charge

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 2012 is a version almost fond of simulation when the phase drift is no longer as easy as previous versions, as well as the cars in here pretty easy nowhere, you just take the wheel on the wall is offset your car will be damaged immediately.

Three Kings Charge

Three Kings Charge is a classic role-playing cards based on the famous novel of three kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong of the chaotic period of the three kingdoms with super cute and funny plot. Compared to the game's combat system to other cards, Three Kings Charge focus towards the concept of pure gameplay cards, along with it's features with bold Chinese manufacturers are trying to create in the game. earn to die

About the gameplay, Three Kings Charge is the same with the card game to go ahead, the main task of the player is still going to collect the General card to take into battle. Fortunately, the player can own these powerful generals under each level separately.

Mission system does not cause difficulty for players and relatively easy to complete with the request to be shown and quite detailed instructions. The battle takes place completely automatically, the player can only adjust, arrange reasonable formation with each opponent. Sometimes players will see these fighting skills with incredibly beautiful effects will give you an enjoyable experience. Gun Gun online

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