Thursday, May 12, 2016


Context in EvilBane took place in 20 years before the continent has just undergone a war grave, evil growing and attempted annexation of the Kingdom of Ceroth. At this time, noticed the menace on a terrible, the Supreme and he sent the hero away eradicate as well as prevent this disaster from happening. earn to die

From here, the player will transform into one of the Raven and Knight against minions of the dark, and discover the secrets of the Crystal Heavenstones. The game will have 3 main characters to choose from including players have Luke-Warrior the player quite comprehensive, Khara-weak defenses but owns guest speed fast and slow but powerful-Vango.

EvilBane has five modes of play including the Scenario mode, Adventure mode with 150 chapters for you to explore the power deal, Raid mode allows players with friends against the attack of the devil in a certain time, Arena mode lets the player's ingenuity with the other gamers and is the ultimate In Combat functions allow the State Assembly so high financial low together up to 18 people. In addition to the more than 1200 weapons and equipment to you explore power agreement as well as collectibles. 

The mechanism of the game is built in the style of action role-playing, in which the smooth grace as the most important factors are rating. EvilBane emulates the phone into a virtual grip, press and Paws the screen to order the characters using the skill. 


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